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      B2B Marketing Blog

      [Data] Our Secrets to Generating High Lead Volume From Our B2B Blog

      By Dave Rigotti
      Oct 9, 2018
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      Despite lots of chatter around ABM, companies continue to smartly place emphasis on inbound marketing execution, especially content marketing. Content marketing is one of the few marketing channels that has compounding growth (i.e. effort is long lasting), is educational in nature (i.e. helps build the category), and creates intent, which is great for conversion rates.

      However, it’s still important to capture this initial inbound interest and convert it to something more meaningful for your business. One of the highest value things we’ve done at Bizible has been to implement upgrade offers. Upgrade offers are CTAs on ungated content that convert the interest (and unknown visitor) to a lead, which then triggers sales engagement.

      In this post I’ll share the upgrade offers we’ve tried along with associated stats.

      Creating Content Upgrade Offers To Boost Conversion Rates

      I’m a big fan of reporting revenue of marketing activities since Bizible is an attribution solution, but since that won’t give you the appropriate information to understand if it would be worth implementing at your company, I’ll share the CTR of each offer.


      A banner that slides into view as you scroll down the page to capture attention. It’s a generic offer that applies to all content.

      CTR: 1.1%

      example b2b marketing blog slide in CTA

      End of post content offer

      Creating a content offer at the end of the blog post to continue the reader's journey is a great way to continue engagement with site visitors. At Bizible we make the sure the content always relates to the blog post topic. So CMO blog posts get CMO ebooks, paid media blog posts get paid media ebooks, etc.

      CTR: 1 - 5% depending on the post category

      example b2b marketing blog content offer cta

      Sidebar display ad

      Essentially a standard display banner that we use to promote more bottom of the funnel CTAs (like a demo request). The placement is static and the offer is consistent across content.

      CTR: 0.25%

      side bar display ad example for b2b marketing blog

      Sidebar content form

      A generic content offer that skips a step and allows the reader to download right from the blog instead of having to click to a landing page.

      CTR: 0.12% (however a click = submission in this case)

      side bar content form on b2b blog example

      Subscription email

      The blog just isn’t bizible.com/blog. Every time we publish a new post, it notifies thousands of people many of whom are prospects. Since we already have their email addresses, we use this email to encourage them to move further in the funnel with a demo CTA.

      CTR: 0.45%

      b2b blog automated newsletter

      As you can see, your blog can be a revenue driver, while still providing great thought leadership. Good luck in your journey to revenue success from inbound marketing!

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      Topics: inbound marketing, demand generation

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